Limo Service and Party Bus Rental in North Hollywood, CA

Limo Service and Party Bus Rental in North Hollywood, CA

North Hollywood often gets left out a little bit when it comes to sightseeing in the Los Angeles area. If you don’t know what to look for and where to look for it, you’ll be completely blindsided that you’ve missed one of the most exciting areas of Hollywood. North Hollywood’s Universal City Walk has something for everyone. From all day events, to theme parks, to nightlife beyond your wildest dreams, Universal City Walk can entertain you and your friends, or just your family. Grab some limousine services in North Hollywood and head on over. Be sure to check out these top spots, or you’ll miss the best of the best!

The Rest of the Park!

Before you do anything like stuff your face with the delicious foods of City Walk’s restaurants, make sure to check out the rest of the park. With epic thrill rides that are sure to turn any stomach upside down, as well as fun rides for children, you need to get your fill on these before you eat or dance the night away. The lines move fast and the rides are second to none. Keep cool with a spray bottle and get your ride on early to dodge the later crowds.

Gibson Amphitheatre

The Gibson Amphitheatre isn’t named after one of the largest guitar makers in the world because it’s terrible. The awesome acoustics of this building, combined with the perfect seating layout give you no bad seat in the house. Today’s best acts, no matter what your taste in music stop here and consider it one of the best indoor music venues in the world today.

Infusion Lounge

The newest venue located in City Walk is the Infusion Lounge, with a two dance floors, VIP bottle service, and some of the best DJ’s in the Los Angeles County area. Forget only being able to go out on Fridays and Saturdays. Grab your best friends and head on over any day of the week. Infusion Lounge is perfect for a relaxing cocktail or a wile night. The creativity of infusion goes beyond anything we’ve ever seen, with a smoke breathing dragon greeting you before you hit the dance floor.

If you’re getting ready to head to North Hollywood and want to check out the Universal City Walk, make sure to grab yourself some limousine services in North Hollywood, CA. Parking and driving are usually the toughest parts around the Los Angeles area, and could completely ruin a day of fun in a matter of minutes.